An Illustrated Guide to Cockroaches

This idea came to my mind while I was studying at SVA, my plan was to take the most boring and not attractive subject and make it a fun graphical work, so you will want to read it. Out of “History of Underwear”, “Toilet Seat Designs” and a bunch of other ideas of the same sort, Cockroaches won! So here I am, doing research on the habits and life of “disgusting” creatures that make me frightened. By illustrating them and making these silly kinda games, I have been able to get over my own fear, to the point where finally I respect cockroaches and find them an exciting object for my study.

I’d like to tell you that my experiment, trying to prove that any subject, presented visually and graphically, can become an interesting subject to study, is giving me positive results!

I will appreciate all your comments on this book and the idea in general.
Help me to make cockroaches famous!

Take a peek inside the book HERE

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