Making an art studio at home

My home art studio

With rent so expensive in NYC there was no way I could afford a studio. I looked in my neighborhood for garages for rent in the hope that I could find something for < $200/month, but sure enough, landlords were adamant about garages being used for cars only.

With my watercolors getting bigger, my easel and board were quickly becoming irrelevant. I needed a wall I could pin/clip into. My plans for a 80" painting meant the wall had to be big. My fondness for splashing meant the walls and floor were gonna get dirty.

So one day I announced to my husband that our entertainment room (an internal room of our railroad apt) was to become my studio, and from here on out instead of watching movies, he could watch a very long, poorly edited documentary entitled "me painting". Luckily for me, I have a very supportive husband 🙂

I bought rolls of plastic sheeting and covered the walls, contact paper glued to the floor to protect the wood, and 2 big sheets of 1/2″ foam core boards that I screwed into the wall to use as my work surface.

Another view of my home art studio

With the boards I can clip my painting in – which is great – no pin holes and the stretching/shrinking of the paper is no bother. And when I do need a pin, it goes straight in without any fuss.

Because it’s an internal room with no natural light, I bought a bunch of 5000k bulbs to get “true color”. The jury is still out on them though – the colors seem too cool. Some people suggesting using cool and warm lights to get a good balance.

Total cost? $150 bucks and the promise that I’ll pretend to like baseball when my husband wants to watch a game.
See my studio link on MoMA PS1 studio-visit

Here are two articles that I found helpful when researching home art studios:

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