“STEAL LIFE in oil”

The best way to describe my painting would be this poem.
Blood poem
by Brian Schmitz

"STEAL LIFE in oil" diptych, oil, 84"x80" "STEAL LIFE in oil" 2nd canvas
"STEAL LIFE in oil" diptych, oil, 84"x80"

Black blood
must erupt
from the land
spoiled corrupt.

Europeans bought it
for 10 thousand g’s.
England got the oil,
Iranians got the fleas.

Prop up the Shah
so BP can stay,
gave rise to the Ayotollah,
the enemy of the day.

Democracy replaced
by corporate hypocrisy.
Planes come crashing
into Scotland’s Lockerbie.

Justice was served
but it was not to be,
cause Libya had heard
of oil profitability.

Saudi’s shoot Bahraini’s
while Hillary taunts Khameini.
Saleh gets an all clear,
while Qaddafi’s end must near.

The hypocrisy is not hard to see.
The flow of oil is called “stability”.

The Shia’s demonization
effects more than one nation.
Iran’s friend must be our foe,
while Sunni dictators don’t have to go.

We must support stability,
so the oil can pump more freely.

Nuclear catastrophe,
the threat indefinitely
of bomb or power
(destruction’s hour),
to the life that we live,
so we must give
the kings crown
and the royal throne
to beautiful prince,
black prophet,
bloody prophecy,
blanket protection,
blatant problems,
blood pool,
banks of pollution,
the anglo-iranian solution.

This painting will premiere at the Art Students League of NY class show of Bob Cenedella on
April 18 – 23, 2011
Reception: Thursday April 21, 5.30-8:30 PM.

Bob Cenedella and Ekaterina Smirnova
Bob Cenedella and Ekaterina Smirnova

I would like to thank Brian and Bob for helping me in creating my painting. I would not be able to do it without your help.

As a student of Bob Cenedella since 2008, I have studied a valuable lesson of color theory, decreasing my number of base colors to just 6, the rest I can mix out of those few. I use this knowledge in watercolor painting too.

My new oil painting “STEAL LIFE in oil” on 2 large canvases sized 42″x80″ each is made with just 3 colors! I spent about 6 month working on it. Bob taught me how to make the 1st canvas, the 2nd one I was able to make myself. During the painting I have studied a lot of interesting facts regarding the politics of oil. All what I have studied was not pleasant, anger and sadness have helped me to make my painting very dramatic and dark. My 1st canvas is about the Gulf of Mexico 2010 oil spill. You will find stories about a fisherman’s suicide, suffering animals and resort towns closed. The 2nd canvas is about the release of the Lockerbie bomber with the encouragement of an oil company and the intertwined history of oil exploitation and the Iranian government. I based my stories on articles found on internet. Two canvases represent a spread of newspaper, with articles and illustrations.

Please come to see the show at ASL and see my painting in person.

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