Painting together with Paul Ching-Bor

Painting together with Paul Ching-Bor
Painting together with Paul Ching-Bor, 60"x80" watermedia

This project is a collaborative work of artists form the Art Students League of NY, who are members of Paul Ching-Bor class.
Every participating artist, including Paul, was offered to paint 1-2 watercolor pieces, sized 10″x10″ of the random references, that were a part of the bigger image which was cropped on 48 parts. No one, but the organizer – myself, saw the full reference before painting. It was an artist’s decision on the style that he/she would execute the task in. Only when we have collected all the paintings, we put them together at the studio floor. The result was impressive! With all the different approaches and techniques we still could see the main image, that rather became more abstract. This project was also interesting because it let participants to step away from their main projects for a moment and try something different, experiment with textures, imagining what part does their piece take in the bigger image. It is a good exercise to complete smaller projects during your main ones, it refreshes your opinion on the bigger project when you come back to it.

Thank you very much to everyone who have painted with us, it is an honor and pleasure for me to be working with you!

Putting work together
Putting work together

One thought on “Painting together with Paul Ching-Bor

  1. I am glad to announce that this piece is now on view at The Art Students League of NY! You will find it in the lobby on the 1st floor. It will be on view through October 2011.

    The Art Students League of NY
    215 West 57th Street,
    New York, NY 10019

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