Poetry about art

Yesterday, during the closing reception of my solo show we had a very special guest, poet S. David. I met this amazing poet few month ago during the Atlantic Avenue Art Walk. After my recent visit of his poetry reading in Brooklyn I was charmed by the variety of works that I had a chance to hear that night. Mr. S. David gives his own opinion on artworks of deferent artists, trying to understand the massage that was carefully presented on the canvas, in the stone or metal… He sometimes uses few different approaches, writing poems about one painting, not everything would one get to see and understand about an artwork from the first look. And I love the idea of it. Everyone has the right to understand the artwork in his own way.

I was very fortunate to inspire Mr. S. David to write two poems about two of my works. Enjoy.


The Art of Politics

The Art of Politics
by S. David

But the Blood
Was up
The frenzied fed
Crowds grew yes
Feeding frenzy
All art lost
“Peace peace”
The organizers
“Perhaps wait see
We can archieve”
But anger hatred
Ruled the art
Of politics bowed
Stones flew
Armed fear
It is only” Veneer
Rules must be
Group minds
Give the lie.

28 § [Orig 7/07/11]



Compassionate Hunter

Compassionate Hunter
by S. David


After all
It is what
We did best
No more
No more
The hunt
The blood
The thrill
The sharing of
The blod
And meat
Times changed
We raise
Our sacrifices
Times ganges
We forgot
Thier lives
For ours
Now we feed
So it is
For nearly all
Who hunted
Not all
Not all
There are some
In every
And if needs be then


35§ [Orig 7/07/11]


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