Chinese Master’s work

Wu Dong KuiYesterday morning  I went to an Art Gallery Wu Dong Lui which is right on the corner of our block. It is a very attractive building in a traditional Chinese style. This month there is an exhibition of Chinese artist Zung Huibin. Portraiture is the master’s specialty, there are a lot of beautiful ladies and men in natural Chinese surroundings, very dreamy and delicate. But there are also paintings of animals and nature. One painting that I really liked was of a rooster chasing a hen. My friends translated the name of it: “There is no reason to fight”. I asked the gallery for a suggestion on where I can find classes of Chinese painting (after web research I did not have many results) and they told me that the master is right here in the gallery and I can talk to him.

That’s how I was introduced to Zhang Huibin. Using we were able to communicate (thank god there is such a program, it makes my life much easier here). To make this story short, unexpectedly for me the master has offered to show me the way he paints. He lives right next to the my friend’s building (where I am staying) and I went to his home. That was a wonderful experience. I could see the whole process. First thing that Zhang Huibin did, he started spitting on paper! I tell you he is a good spitter. This was to make a resistance to ink for the texture. He painted a water flower lily. My friends were translating to me every stage. It is very important to sign an artwork in China. Master has started with the name of the painting “fresh lily”, then wrote his name and then he asked my friends how to write in Chinese my name. That was a big surprise for me! Master has painted an artwork specifically for me! Then he took his stamps. One for his first name, another – last and one more stamp for a decoration purpose (it is important to find the right position for the stamps. Now I need to practice painting myself. After I do so at home I then can bring my works to show to the master for his critique.

No reason to fight

Chnese master at work


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