Painting watercolors in China

PaintingToday I finally started painting watercolors.
The studio that I was planning on getting in Beijing is not going to be available, and I have to figure out where would I paint. It is impossible to do it inside the apartment, not enough space, plus I don’t want to splash paint all over it. So my friend suggested to paint in the corridor, that leads to all the apartments. I walked around a little and found a perfect spot, close to the elevators, but hidden from the people. We live on the 18th floor, which is the last one, this made me think that no one will use the staircase and I will not be interrupted. The door that leads to the roof is made out of metal bars, to which I could attach my paper, vertical 52″x40″. This door is right in front of the small window, which gives me just enough light. I had to stop painting at 6pm, it got too dark (today was a very misty day). There was a chair as well, waiting for me to rest on. I will have to find a newspaper to attach to the wall tomorrow to protect the wall from my next stage of splashing. My reference is a picture that I took yesterday of a wet reflective road with cars and pedestrians. I will post the final painting online later.

One thought on “Painting watercolors in China

  1. First day of my painting I had a visitor, person who lives in the apartment that’s facing the entrance to my spot. He seamed to like my work. He watched for 2 minutes then left. In 3 minutes he came back with his daughter and dad to show them what I was doing. He checked on me the next day too.
    Yesterday I had one more visitor. It was a woman who talked to me for a long time, even after I told her that I don’t understand she would continue speaking. Then she started pointing on few small spots of paint on the wall, and I though that oh-oh looks like I am in trouble. I have protected all the walls around me with newspaper, but one-two you could find. I gave her pencil and paper and she left a note to my friends to translate. We are still not sure what she meant, but looks like I was right…

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