China Central Academy of Fine Arts: collection of Charles Jin


Yina and I at CAFA
Yina and I at CAFA

China Central Academy of Fine Arts or CAFA (Chinese: 中央美术学院) is the only advanced academy of fine arts under direct charge of Department of Education in China. The Manila Bulletin called the school “China’s most prestigious and renowned art academy”.[1] It was founded in April, 1950, as a result of merger between National Art School in Beiping (国立北平艺术专科学校) and the department of fine arts at third campus of North China University. Mao Zedong wrote the school name (wiki article).

I went to CAFA with my new Chinese friend Yina who I met on my first day. Yina has a great art blog herself At the museum there was a photography collection of Charles Jin, that consists of many famous works of photographers like
Harold Edgerton, Barbara Morgan,
Lillian Bassman, Willia Klein,
Beaumont Newhall, Harry Callahan,
Arnold Newman, George Tice,
Paul Capoigro, Jeo-Peter Witkin,
Ruud Van Empel and many more.

We could not take pictures of the show and that’s why I can’t show you any of the works, but I am sure you can easily find some photographs if you will search for any of the photographers from the list. I could find mostly all of the ones I am listing on

After the show we went to the little art supply store that belongs to the CAFA. Yina said if you will not find watercolor paper that you are looking for here, then where? She was right, I found something close to what I use, so I got 2 sheets of it, just in case if I will not find better paper later. Now I need to finish blogging and go to paint…

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