Beijing International Art Expo

Woodblock print. Famouse Chinese printamaker“The 14th Beijing International Art Exposition aims at exhibiting international artworks, promoting the cultural and art communication between China and abroad, and functioning as an internationally influenced platform for art communication and trade”, – said the front page of the website about the art fair that I went to last week. This show has reminded me and other art fair that I saw before, with an exception that the main concentration was on Chinese art. I saw a lot of ink paintings on rice paper, varies sizes throughout the show. There were about 100 galleries mainly from different parts of China, but I did find a handful from Europe (just 2 from Spain, one from Russia).
Dragon, Art Expo I decided to support Russian gallery and went to talk to them. 20 Century Art Gallery is located in Saint-Petersburg and represents modern and past century artists, like Ivan M. Varichev, Nikolay N. Repin, Vladimir G. Starov, Olga A. Efimova, Vladimir R. Ezhakov, Pavel V. Eskov and many more. Mainly gallery had oil paintings on display, this made a big contrast with the rest of the show in my opinion. Gallery representatives were very nice and I was glad to talk to them, discussing the previous experience at the Beijing Art Expo.
Chinese art is my new passion and I really enjoy looking at beautiful works where black is the most important color. Here at the Expo I had a chance to get closer to the painting ad see the textures and different approaches of many artists. Something that was particularly amazing was this patterns that in closer look resemble structure of the moss. I think that in order to make it you need to use a some sort of resistances, but I don’t think it would be saliva, paintings were really large and to collect so much spit you need to ask your big family and friends đŸ™‚ I will have to ask my master, he will know I am sure.
ink textures, Beijing MoHaiTang gallery
Two galleries from Spain Nina Tiagi and Zizzy Forrester that I also was interested to find seemed to me to exhibit also Chines art and I could not talk to the representatives due too the late hour, the show was closing.
The American from California I did not even find.


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