China facts

Beijing cricketThere are 20 unusual humorous facts that caught my attention in China:

    1. In restaurants the plate set has to be washed by a specialized cleaning company which packages them in plastic. It includes a plate, bowl, cup, and Chinese spoon. Even disposable sets are packaged.
    2. In restaurants you put the bones, inedible bits, and other trash on the table or floor instead of your plate. Spitting on the floor is quite normal.
    3. Menus in restaurants are often very fancy, they have beautiful pictures, they are big and nicely bound. Unfortunately for the foreigners they may not have any English, or if they do, the translation is so terrible that it just makes you laugh. For example: “Wang duck rost duck in Mr.Liu Enlai in the traditional oven roast duck hanging on the basis of the characteristice of well-developed more than a decade of the new unique roast duck,roast duck the new technology unique, Red color,crisp outside,tender,that is,the entrance, in zhe Beijing roast duck unique community,Beijing roast duck is the best in zhe business”.
    4. Arrows directing the traffic are only followed by tourists – but never observed by cars, bikes, and motorcycles. Very often motorcycles, bikes and such are being sent to the side walk to help the traffic in rush hour, which of course makes it extremely hard for pedestrians.
    5. In Beijing, each working weekday, cars ending in certain numbers are forbidden on the street, eg, on Wednesday if your license ends in 3 or 4, you must take the bus! The penalty for each time you are noticed by street cameras is 100 yuan.
    6. The car horn is a very important part of a vehicle in the big cities of China. You can not operate a vehicle without it. They frequently beep on others while disobeying traffic rules themselves.
    7. There is no paper in toilets! You have to carry it always with you. Toilets are the squat type and are often in terrible conditions.
    8. Public museums are free or very cheap for the public. Museums and parks close at 5pm.
    9. Tips are not to be paid. However taxi drivers may include 2 yuan extra due to the increasing price of gas (mainly in Beijing).
    10. There is drying laundry on trees, fences and ropes throughout Beijing. Even in front of important buildings and in rich neighborhoods.
    11. Beijingers keep crickets as their pets. During the winter they take them inside their coats so they don’t freeze.
    12. You can not use your phone at gas stations if your car windows are open. It is somehow fine when you talk with your windows closed.
    13. There is an X-ray check for all bags in the metro station. They just kept it that way after the olympics.
    14. Jianzi – a street game, relative to hacky sack, is played by young and old all over Beijing. The bouncing “ball” is made out of feathers and silver dollar sized pieces of aluminum cans (for sound and weight). You should kick it with your foot, knee, or chest.
    15. Exercise machines could be found in any yard, placed by the government to help Chinese nation healthy. Old and young use them very often.
    16. If you hear clapping in the park, or chorus singing it is must be late evening. Clapping is a kind of exercise that helps blood circulation, singing helps to release your energy, collected during the day, this keeps you in a good health as well.
    17. Sunflower seeds are the most favorable snack. There even flavors of mint, milk and others.
    18. Alcoholic drinks are freely sold in any food stores. You can by a 12% vol infused on herbs drink for about 2 dollars which will say “A sip a day keeps the doctors away!” that would be the only phrase in English.
    19. Hot tap water in Beijing is coming from the hot springs.
    20. Taking a shower in Beijing is a bit different. Shower is positioned to pour water straight to the floor. The floor is tilted to allow water to go to the drain, that could be found somewhere in the bathroom.



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