100 days in my studio

Day 0
Blank paper

This project is meant to document 100 days at my studio in Brooklyn starting from November 1st 2011. Working every day at the studio I will be posting one picture daily. By doing that I would like to give you a chance to peek in my studio and see how my paintings are developing and change, starting from the white paper to the very end.

I have a personal goal to make a set of watercolor paintings, mainly large scale (90″x52″), series of landscapes on 2 main subjects:
– “foggy forest”, trees disappearing in the milky air, summer and autumn scenes;
– “rainy way”, highway views from a car, very wet and misty, reflective and gray (smaller scale works).

“Locking up” myself at the studio should help me to fight my laziness and make me work every day, as I sign up for this responsibility of updating picture daily (and it must be a different one every time). I have a lot of work ahead of me, so I am turning to you, my readers, for help.

I’d like to encourage you to comment on my works as it will help me to develop a good body of works for my coming up 2012 solo shows. Please feel free to leave your negative or, possibly, positive note or suggestion as it may influence the way my works are going. I respect any opinion and would be very thankful for your input.

Let’s begin…


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