100 Days: Day 14

Day 14Day 14I had to distract myself from my paintings. I felt like I need to really free myself and do something very abstracted from reality, but it still should be a physical object. Lately I am not happy that my painting is becoming more accurate and exact, so I need to paint something that is “careless” and not “perfect”. I hope bigger brush and speed of applying the color on a rough paper will help me to do the task. If this exersice  will work, I will try to practice it more often. I was doing the same sort of thing before, in the “Royal wedding” and that was very interesting and different. It is like drinking coffee in the middle of a boring day, it refreshes you and gives more energy for new work.

I did not spend much time painting today (I had a long day, went to the ASL studio to do silkscreening, then went to see Charles Yoder show, then went shopping at the NY Central Art Supplies and finally went to the book release party of Antonio Masi), I was tiered… but I will try to finish this work tomorrow.


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