100 Days: Day 31

Driving Through the Rain
Driving Through the Rain

Studio 31This work is suppose to be a part of my series “Driving Through the Rain” that presents Miami highways during the downpour . I already painted my first piece as you can see and that was at the same time as I was visiting Miami last time. I though this works out just perfect: painting Miami while in Miami. I still have time to paint more today, but my paper doesn’t allow me. It needs to fully dry before I can continue.

Painting a series involves more of my attention, as I believe that I need to have the pieces match to each other thematically, color tone and the texture also should be similar. Paintings don’t need to look the same, as a matter of fact there should be an ascent on one of the paintings in my opinion and a little unbalance. I will try to work on that.





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