Art Miami and Miami Art Basel 2011


Larisa Smirnova and Jason Martin "Japao"
Larisa Smirnova and Jason Martin "Japao"
Jason Martin "Japao"
Jason Martin "Japao"
Going to Art Fairs is always fun, but going to the Art Fair as the Art Miami is just something that you will not forget, especially if you are going with a great company and there could be no better company but my mothers! This was the first time for my mothers visiting an art fair and they were very impressed with the veriety of the galleries and artists that were presented this year. Everybody has a different taste, so as my mothers would not like everything at the show, especially contemporary installations, which I sometimes find hard to understand myself. As for me, my overall impression was very high, I can not even say for sure which show did I prefer better Art Miami or the Miami Art Basel (I went for the VIP preview the night before). Both of the shows are a very high class shows, there are so many impressive galleries, and artworks… I would say that at the Art Miami I found more artists that I saw shows of before then at the Miami Art Basel, maybe because there were presented more galleries from New York here? As for example, one of  my most favorite artists Alexander Kaletski, presented by the Dillon Gallery, NY, with pieces : “Chanel” and “Luois Vuitton”, “Marlboro Man”. Or Gottfriend Halnwien with the work “Head of a Child” presented by the gallery Barry Friedman, NY.

Alexander Kaletski
Alexander Kaletski "Chanel" and "Luois Vuitton"

 Alexander Kaletski "Marlboro Man"

Barry Friedman gallery
Barry Friedman gallery
Some works that I know from the other art fairs was nice to see again, as I am a fan of many artists and it is great that they are successful and still popular, as presented by Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Jason Martin with his oil on aluminum black works.
Paul Ching-Bor and Ekaterina Smirnova
Paul Ching-Bor and Ekaterina Smirnova at the Miami Art Basel

The only disappointment was the time that art fairs were closing – 7 pm, which is not convenient at all, especially for the working people. Another problem is the parking, it took us over 30 minutes to find a spot, as another show was set right in front of the Art Miami – The Red Dot show and of course all the spaces including the parking buildings were overfull. After we left the fair we had one more place to go – an art opening of my dear friend, wonderful instructor and an amazing artist Paul Ching-Bor! His gallery is loccated at the Design district Miami, Myra Galleries. At the show you will find 10 watercolor works and, surprise to me, some of lithography prints of Paul. It is a great show, if you are in Miami, I really suggest to see it! Show will last till January 2012.  Please read more about the show here:


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