Paul Ching-Bor art show at Myra Gallery

Paul Ching-Bor installing the work
Paul Ching-Bor installing the work

Paul Ching-Bor is one of those people who while being incredibly talented and very popular artist is also a very kind and wonderful personality. I met Paul about 2 year ago when I singed up for the watercolor class at The Art Students League of NY. And since then I fell in love with him, and am very fortunate that I have a chance of meeting Paul almost every week.

I was very happy to find out that Paul was planing going to Miami as well at the same time. At the other day we went together to the preview of the Miami Art Basel and last night my mothers and I went to the Art show opening of Paul at the Myra Galleries (Miami design district). Paul is showing 10 of his watercolor works, 1 large work on 3 panels, 1 large work on 2 panels and 8 smaller pieces. Also there are some etchings and lithography prints of Paul.

It is a truly great show, as all the shows of Paul Ching-Bor and if you are in Miami during december, I really suggest to see it! Show will last till January 2012.  Please read more about the show here:

Paul Ching-Bor works Paul Ching-Bor works

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