100 Days: Day 44

Studio 43Studio 44Studio 44Honestly, I did not know that one can get a corn on the finger from painting (by a brush). I got one today! Well, I did paint a lot for the last 2 days. And here is a result of my work, this painting is developing very fast. I am not sure if you can see on this picture, but this work is painted mainly by splashing. I am showing here 3 images together, to point out on the car lights area. On the 1st picture I still have Nichibon Japanese masking tape over the brightest spots, 2nd image – I just removed the tape and the lights are too sharp and some of them clearly have unnatural square shapes. On the last picture – shapes are much softer and round. Now if I splash over the white paper around the lights I have to clean the splashes straight away to keep lights bright. Thats why I was keeping the masking tape till the last moment. I have to be careful now.


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