100 Days: Day 50


Studio 50Studio 50Today is the 50th day of my project, exactly the middle. I would like to underline a few things:

When I started this project I did not exactly know what is the responsibility and dedication I will meet. I am very honest to myself and will do anything to make my plan work, I WAS painting every day. This meant that if I was away from my actual studio – I had to paint regardless of the location and make it my studio. This was not very convenient for me, sometimes I did not have my time in a day to paint (even after all day working I still had to drag myself to the studio and produce something of value).

To this point, I have mixed feelings about the project.  On the one hand I am sometimes producing poor or rushed work, on the other, I am creating a discipline in myself, and a new found excitement/anticipation of what I will do next. The amount of support and feedback that I get from this project from those who follow it is incredible and very much appreciated.

I think one of the areas where the next 50 days can be improved is by being more organized and disciplined on which paintings I will do, in which order. I have some shows coming up soon, and I really need to stay on the ball to prepare my best for them.

I hope you enjoy my project and follow me with an interest. Stick with me, there is more to come!


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