100 Days: Day 67

Studio 67Last night I went to a very special event – Draw-a-Thon at the Salmagundi Club. We came for the reception of the Junior Scholarship show and then stayed over the night at the club. The main idea of such an event is to paint al night long. there were 3 models posing at the upper gallery, at the same time in the hall next door there were running 3 demonstrations, downstairs we had a monotype party and at the restaurant area there was still life set up and one more model posing. I came with my watercolor that I was working on and managed to develop it quite far over nigh. To my surprise we had a lot of guests at the club. Great company by the way.

This event was just something very different and fun. If you would not know that this was the first Draw-a-Thon in the club you would never guess, as it went very smooth and was organized great. Coffee and tea were offered all night long, cheese, fruits and snake were very fresh, breakfast with muffins, different pastries was just what we needed after sleepless and creative night. I am very proud to be a member of the Salmagundi Club.


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