100 Days: Day 77


Studio 76
Studio 77

All day in my studio I was working on one task – making the top left corner of the sky darker. I had to glaze many times over, building up color. I don’t usually do it, so I had no idea how to do it and it was a chalange. After every layer I had to wait for it to dry. Thats where the hair-dryer came handy. I was keeping track and counted 14 layers. Every layer would be a slightly different color. Please take a look at the picture of close up painting (bellow), I took it in about layer 8. I just had a thought, that person, who is sitting on the structure was watching the weather change, it sort of started raining (dripping) on him. Now I think that there are too many drips running across the land, I will fix it tomorrow.

One more interesting thing: when I was saving the pictures in PhotoShop by an accident I made a negative image, that I find quite interesting, I love the colors  a lot, these colors are very similar to the original picture but much more pale and delicate in my opinion, I should make a note for myself and possibly use this color palette for one of my future works.

Studio 77
detail of the sky
Studio 77
negative image

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