Luminous Modernism At Scandinavia House


Luminous Modernism At Scandinavia HouseLuminous Modernism At Scandinavia House

An absolute wonderful show at the Scandinavia House I went to by a chance today! Great Swedish landscapes by leading Nordic artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries are presented there this month. My most favorite works are:
Hareld Sohleberg “Flower Meadow in the North” 1905

Prins Eugen “Det Klarnar efter regn” 1904

Edvard Munch “Snow landscape from Kragero” 1912

Otto Hesselbom “Our Land” 1904

Peder Severin Kroyer “Self portrait at Skagen Beach” 1902

Vilhelm Hammershoi “Landscape from Virum near Frederiksdal, Summer” 1888 and “Courtyard Interior at Standgade” 1899


Hareld sohleberg "Flower Meadow in the North" 1905
Hareld Sohleberg "Flower Meadow in the North" 1905

A lot to study from the masters of this show. Very inspiring. Hurry, this exhibition is running till February 11, 2012 and not to be missed!

Now I will be checking the Scandinavia House art schedule very often: on the

And don’t forget to have some delicious food at the restaurant on the first floor. My personal suggestion: a linden-berry drink. My waiter was so kind to give me a refill for free, he saw I liked it so much, so now I am writing this blog post, while enjoying a taste of Scandinavia.




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