Lithograph prints

"Rainy Way 2" litho
"Rainy Way 2" litho

As some you may know, I have been doing printmaking for about 6 years. During this period I have produced a number of etchings and silkscreens that are commonly exhibited. I love printmaking, it is a fascinating but yet complicated process that requires your full attention and knowledge of the media. The Art Students League of NY (ASL), where I use the printmaking studio, has in my opinion one of the strongest groups of printmaking artists in New York. Many of them are my friends and I am really happy for their success in the art world.

Last year I also started studying LITHOGRAPHY. I think litho process even more sophisticated then etching, it is also a longer process. I try my best to understand it and to get used to it. Now I am working on a set of prints in the style of my watercolor series “Rainy Way”.  Yesterday was a great day in the studio for me, as I was able to print a set of wonderful prints of my new litho. I am so happy about it as I was not sure if the most delicate part (the atmospheric air) will print at all. A lot depends on what materials you use to paint and how do you etch. I used Litho Crayon 2 and Windsor & Newton brown ink. The image you see is a print on japanese rice paper.

On the picture bellow I photographed the hand operated press on which my aluminum litho plate with the image is positioned and ready to print. ASL is very well equipped for the different styles of fine prints, including lithography.

Litho Studio
Litho studio

If you would like to see my litho prints in person or even own one please visit the Salmagundi Club, where three of my litho prints are now exhibiting and will be auctioned at the Spring Auction. To read the details and participate at the auction visit this link: and auction details.

See more of my printmaking works:

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