New life of “Driving Through the Rain 2”

"Driving Thriugh the Rain 2" Watercolor on rough paper 90" x 52", 3.2012

While working on the series of work “Rainy Way”, I have painted my large “Driving Through the Rain 2” 90″H x 52″W, but it was not as successful work. I didn’t quite know how to make it better and decided to put it aside for a few month. When I recently pulled it out from my storage, I looked at it with a fresh look and though that I still don’t know what to do with it. My decision was to try a different technique. There was a risk of making it worse, but working with watercolor always has this risk (working with oil, lets say, allows you to fix the work by painting over it, which is not quite possible in watercolors).

What was so different in my technique this time? The way of application of paint. My intent was to make a visual effect of rain by stretching the drips of water. If I splatter on the paper directly ahead of me then I get just dots, even if my brush would contain a lot of water then you would see some drips that would not get too far down. So I had to figure out how to make the drips go much more straight and longer. The solution was to splash paint from very close distance from the paper and while applying the color stretch my hand down for about 1-2 feet. This also meant that for such tall work I had to position myself high up if I would want to have my drips start from the very top, so I had to stand on my tall studio stool for most of the time. One more problem was my ability to produce strictly perpendicular to the ground strokes, it was really hard! Making the drips straight was not a problem, but when one out of five would go on diagonal and visually distort the image, was an issue. If this happened I had to remove it with my napkin and start over.

Over all, it was a good experiment and helped my to focus on the control of my strokes and brought my work to a different higher level in my opinion.


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