May 2012 NY Art shows review.



Thursday, art show opening day. I went on my art walk around NY in search for great shows.
My first stop way at the NY Transit Museum in Brooklyn where my colleague watercolor artist Antonio Masi has an exhibition of his NY bridge paintings. I love Antonio’s works and I was pleasantly surprised that there are so many pieces in the show. Fabulous work! I suggest to visit this show. It will be running till October 2012.

My next stop was in upper Manhattan at the gallery called Erarta Galleries | 1043 Madison Avenue | New York, NY 10075
There I saw a show of Russian artist: Marina Fedorova with exhibition “Now or Never”

My next step was Gagosian Gallery.
There is a amazing exhibition of PABLO PICASSO–may-01-2012

MAY 2 – JUNE 30, 2012

After having a light early dinner at a restaurant close to the Central Park my friend Ioan (who was giving me this art tour) and I went to the Chelsea galleries. There are many interesting shows there, but there are few that I would like to get your attention to:
Jenkins Johnson Gallery.
521 West 26th St, 5th Floor

Is now showing Julia Fullerton-Batte photography. “Julia Fullerton-Batten, known for her investigations of teenage girls, their psyches, and their relationships with others” as it was said in the press release.”All of Fullerton-Batten’s series show regular people who, although quite static and emotionless, truly bring us closer to understanding the inner workings of the teenage mind. Jenkins Johnson Gallery is proud to present her first New York solo show.” So sophisticated and meaningful work!

Jenkins Johnson Gallery opening

Another stunning show, I even could say that it was my most favorite show in Chelsea, was hosted by Ana Cristea Gallerie
521 West 26th Street.

The Venerable Abject, May 17 – June 23, 2012

From the press release: “Nicola Samori makes seductive, profound paintings by layering and fusing images on canvas, wood or copper and then obliterating them by scratching, erasing, fingering and painting over the surfaces multiple times. By violating the golden rule of all museums (“Please do not touch the artwork.”) Samori is making art history by corrupting his own work and imposing a new Samori on top. The resulting layers of paint create a new skin that bears the bruises and permanent marks of all prior creative efforts.”
I think Nicola’s works are so strong, so powerful and so different. He is a Modern Caravaggio!

I love waking around Chelsea, there are so many interesting people you meet, it is a fashion festivity, happy time and cultural exchange at the same time. This time I met Michael A. Leb, an interior designer from upper Manhattan. His beautiful mustache simply charmed me.

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