Verrazano Narrows Bridge, work in progress

This is my second paining of the bridge I like the most. We live in Bay Ridge, so close to the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and I get to see it often, I like it’s structure, I love that it is very tall and spacious. I like when it disappears in a fog or a cloud. I love the bridge.

This work is made on Arches watercolor paper 156 lb. Sized: 40″ x 52″. i was completed on 5.2012

Currently “Verrazano Narrows Bridge” is exhibited at my solo show in Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts, upstate NY.

Images bellow are the the work in progress.

This is the first stage after drawing. Light colors in and masking some streetlights
Slowly building up the color, also starting to work on the sky area.
Cars I kept abstracted as they are not the most important detail

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