Atlantic Mackerel – DELISH!!!!

Let me start this blog post by telling you that people under-appreciate mackerel fish. This is my personal opinion that I base on a few facts:


1. It is just an amazingly delicious fish!

2. Atlantic mackerel is extremely high in vitamin B12.

3. Atlantic mackerel is also very high in omega 3 (a class of fatty acids), containing nearly twice as much per unit weight as does salmon. Unlike King mackerel and Spanish mackerel, Northern Atlantic mackerel are very low in mercury, and can be eaten at least twice a week according to EPA guidelines.[1][2]

4. Mackerel is an excellent source of Phosphatidylserine as it contains approximately 480 mg / 100 grams by weight. Phosphatidylserine is an important brain food that can have positive effects on ADHD and Alzheimer patients. (wiki)

5. And it is very pretty.


I was trying my luck fishing for mackerel from the pier behind my studio, but alas, no luck so far…
Today I went downtown Gloucester and was trying to buy some fish, but one place I knew did not have it and the other was closed. But I met this nice guy from Japan, who came from Boston on a boat, his mane is Tomo, he was very nice and gave my one freshly caught live mackerel, which I cooked just a few moments ago.

One half I simply fried on a pan with olive oil and with the other half I made a seviche but marinading it for 20 min in lemon and lime juice. Yam, yam, yam!

I hope that one day I will be able to catch my own though (with a few tips from Tomo)…

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