Working on silk at Ten Pound Studio


Yesterday I visited Ten Pound Studio, by the invitation of my new Artist Friend Steven Bates.
Located in downtown Gloucester on Center street and Main St, this studio is designed for making Batik (/ˈbætɪk/ or /bəˈtk/) a cloth that is traditionally made using a manual resistdyeing technique. (wiki). I was offered to design my own pattern on high quality silk. While working on the material I have studied that it is much more different then painting watercolor on paper. It is much harder to control the flow of the paint and it may behave very unpredictable. There are however different ways of controlling your painting, for example by using resist, or adding sizing (starch) to material. Steven was really helpful and knowledgeable, which helped me to relax and freely express my emotions on beautiful piece of silk, generously provided by Steven.

There are few steps that needs to be done while doing batik:

1. Stretching you material.


2. Mixing your colors


3. Creating your pattern on wet or dry material


3. Adding textures, by applying salt on freshly painted areas


4. Fixing the paint on silk by placing it in a special steamer (or ironing). This will make the paint stay for good on your cloth, which is very useful when you make something wearable.


And then it is ready! I really enjoyed my experience at the studio, and, I got to have my own designed scarf at the end. If you would like to join this workshop, here is useful info:

Classes are held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week.
Contact Candace Wheeler to sign up:
t. 978 281 3566


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