SQUID metamorphose into calamari.

A wonderful adventure happened to me the other day ā€“ I got to fish for squid! Right from the shore of the Rocky Neck, under the cover of night, I was trying my luck, thinking in my head that I am crazy, I just never though that I will catch anything… But the 1st minute I had my 1st squid! and then the second and more, and more… This was the most active fishing I have ever had! So much fun. When you pull them out of water, they spit at you water that they have collected inside their body, they can shoot 10 foot high! Once they are out of the water – squids shoot ink, called Cephalopod ink. So it occurred to me that I could collect this ink and paint with it. (squid ink was used before as, well, ink for writing). It was a mess to collect this ink, I spilled it many times, squids would fall into my cup occasionally, they were slimy, so hard to hold. Ink was diluted with salt water, so I had to evaporate it over night to get the concentrate, that I could mix it with water later, since it is water-soluble.

There is a system to do it correctly, but I did not know it then: squid ink harvest

By the end of my residency I hope to present you a set of ink sketches, come to my studio on June 27th (51 A Rocky Neck Ave, Gloucester, MA).

Cooking squid is also lots of fun! My favorite recipe, that I like from my childhood is this:

1. Fry onions.


2. Add cleaned and sliced squid (make sure to clean it well, inside and skin).


3. Salt, pepper.


4. Fry squid for about 10-15 min till it gets color


5. Ready! I had my calamari with mixed beans and guacamole. Lemon is always is a good addition to seafood.


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