Art Residency Closing Reception on June 27 at 7pm

Dear friends, residents of Gloucester and art lovers! I would like to invite you all to the closing reception of my Goetemann artist residence which will take place on June 27th 2012 at 7pm at my studio on 51 A Rocky Neck Ave.

I am having an absolutely wonderful time on the Rocky Neck and I am in love with the community, scenery and my little studio. I have done a lot during my stay and I would love to show you my works that I have produced in June:

Gloucester in fog, sunset over the city or my hand-caught and collected squid ink sketches. All works will be displayed and be available for sale. At 7.15pm I will give a little speech about my experience at the residency and will answer all the questions if you have any.

I am looking forward to see you soon!

p.s. I also need your help with naming my works. If you recognize the view I painted in the work attached to this post, please comment!


5 thoughts on “Art Residency Closing Reception on June 27 at 7pm

  1. This is my vessel. The Jenny G. Your painting is from the St. Peters Square facing east. The building is my Fisherman’s Wharf building and the Jenny G is about to tie to her berth there.
    Vito Giacalone 978-815-7470

      1. Hello Katarina,
        I just went to your website only to see that the image there is much clearer than the one i used to incorrectly identify the building in the background. Although the vessel is definitively the Jenny G, the building in the background is the Cape Pond Ice co building with Ocean Crest Seafood building hidden behind the Jenny G. The vantage point is probably from the US Coast Guard base in Gloucester Harbor. Fisherman’s wharf is nowhere in site. The dead giveaway is the word “ICE” that clearly can be seen in the clearer image posted on your website.

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