Goetemann Artists in Residency Experience


From the first day of the residency I knew I came to the right place. Wonderful people, organizers of the program, local artists, residents of Gloucester, everybody was so kind and helpful to me during my whole month of June 2012. I am very thankful to everybody in the community, you made my stay here so memorable.

My search for the fog of Gloucester (the subject of my interest) was eventually rewarded and I was able to paint a few foggy watercolor works:


“Fisherman’s Wharf”
Watercolor on rough Arches paper
26″ x 40″, 6.2012


“Beacon Marine”
Watercolor on rough Arches paper
90″ x 52″, 6.2012

I love fishing and I love eating fish. My first goal at the residency was to find a pile of fish and I had to walk around of town asking people where could I find a pile of fish. Thanks to Joey, I did find a pile of herring, which I sketched and later painted a large work 90″x104″. During the closing reception I placed an old fishing net, that my new friend Pet brought for me, over the painting to make it a complete piece.



Closing Reception

And I must mention my experimentation with squid ink – ink that I collected from the squids that I caught on the Rocky Neck! I will write an article about it for more details, but for now look at this teaser picture:

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