Saving a living fossil.


Yesterday morning when I went to the ocean in Ventnor City (near Atlantic City) I saw a scary sea creature I never saw before. I did recognize it from the old drawings from books about the sea, but could not imagine I would ever see it. This animal was obviously struggling, the sea has thrown it to the shore and this guy was up side down and could not flip over. So I went down from the pier and helped this 2 foot fella, even though I was scared to touch it (it was so ugly looking). Later I found out that its name is a Horseshoe crab. Wiki describes it best: Horseshoe crabs resemble crustaceans, but belong to a separate subphylum, Chelicerata, and are therefore more closely related to arachnids e.g spiders and scorpions. The earliest horseshoe crab fossils are found in strata from the late Ordovician period, roughly 450 million years ago!!!! Wow. Unbelievable facts. Well, hopefully this guy will have babies and one day in about 1 million years his relatives will say thank you to me.



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