MUMOK Reflecting Fashion, Vienna fashion


Rosemarie Trockel, Ohne titel (untitled?) 1988

When I was planning to write this blog, I was not thinking that this will end up to be a blog post about fashion. I was just going to my trip to MUMOK, museum of modern art in Vienna, and did not even know what is showing. The main exhibition, that took 4 floors was called “Reflecting Fashion”. And I believe that Vienna is a perfect city to have such an exhibition, as it is indeed a city with a great taste and fashion.

Let me start with saying that I absolutely enjoy walking on the street of Wien and watch ladies and men going on their business beautifully dressed, everybody, old and young, especially women. Very elegant and simple. I did not collect that many pictures of people on the streets, but I got some for you. Like this photo of a woman in a traditional Austrian outfit, I took a picture of her in a farmers market. Sometimes you can see people wearing tradition inspired clothing, especially kids on the streets.

There was this woman who I was chasing to take a picture of, she wore a Yayoi Kusama designed dress, the reason I know is that cause I recently went to see Yayoi’s show in Whitney, NY.

There is some street art reviewing fashion as well.

The show in MUMOK got my attention. It was very colorful and so different in every part of it. If you would to make a show about fashion without selecting a particular style of clothing, what would you do? It would end up the same way as in this museum.

Please see for yourself what I saw in MUMOK. Would that inspire you to dress better?

Christo, Wedding dress, 1967

Marcus George, 2003

FFC – Factory of Found Clothing:


The pension got to be noticeable:

I would say this last one is inspired by the story “The Nose” by Gogol.

Someone in an elevator in MUMOK asked me if I am a victim of fashion, well I guess I am, as all of us after all.


One thought on “MUMOK Reflecting Fashion, Vienna fashion

  1. I really enjoyed this exhibit when I went in September. The exhibits were so inspiring and well selected. But I’m having trouble following up research on something on the first floor– do you remember which surrealists designed those wedding suits for men on the ground floor?

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