Hiking in Salzburg

Mountain Kirchberg, located right in front of our house in Salzburg where I am having my art residency, is not too tall, just 750 m, but is very rough to climb. The exercise was worth doing cause we got an amazing view from it. The day was sunny and nice and we went on our hike. I wish we would have those fancy Nordic walking pols that are so common around here, as the tiny passes we were on had a lot of rolling pebbles and it was at times dangerous.

I love botanics and I pay attention to the forest plants every time I go to the forest: I eat berries (this time I had wild blackberry and raspberry), I smell flowers and can heal myself. I was surprised to find a flower that I only saw as a room plant before. It is called cyclamen, very beautiful and elegant plant that loves cold, my mother would give it her cyclamen snow… But of course it makes sense to find it in the Alps!

When we got tired we took a lunch break, we set in the side of the mountain looking over the the area we live in. It was fun to try to recognize our house. Here it is with red roof and a balcony (that is our balcony, it has beautiful geraniums booming on it), so small from up above…

This is a wider view to give you an idea how high we were:


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