Art of Austrian metal store signs

Austria is a country of beautiful metal signs that are traditionally used everywhere. These signs are hanging out from the building facing the pedestrians, so you can see the name of a store from far away. I was trying to do a research in order to find the name of those signs, but did not have much luck, if you have a word, kindly comment on this blog post.

Salzburg has hundreds of the signs, they are all unique and very detailed, metal masters and truly impressive! It is hard to guess which signs are antique and which are newly made, you need to know the name of the store, for example McDonald’s has such a rich and stylized sign, the question is, was it recently made or just changed a logo in the center?

Signs add a lot to the city look, it is like lace decoration to the buildings, or even earrings on the cute head of Salzburg.  When evening is coming and sky is turning dark, signs are starting to reflect streetlights and changing their appearance, adding a very different bright detail.

I like looking at the signs, trying to read those complicated long German words.

It is an art and I wish that I could see those signs not only in European countries.



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