Studio at the Hohensalzburg Castle


Surrounded by Alps, infused with long history of music, decorated by outstanding architecture and art, Salzburg will be one of the cities you will never forget. For me this memories will remain strong till my last day. I am living here and I am painting here as a part of my art residency, organized by Neuhauser Kunstmühle.

My studio is overviewing the city. Castle Hohensalzburg is located on the mountain in the center of Salzburg. To get on top we prefer to take a trolley, taking stairs is very exhausting. All of us (6 artists) has received two keys, one for the studios, and the other is for the little door in the main door of castle, which allows us to enter the castle any time of the day or night. I love staying till the dusk. Looking outside and watching “the rivers of fire” as my dear friend Brenda said describing the night view:


Studio spaces, usually used by the summer art academy, are now fully given to us for 6 weeks. A lot of space and round ceilings with columns in the center create a strong long-lasting echo that travels far if you don’t close the doors. Many windows on both sides of the studio carry a lot of light and freshly cut grass smell form the fields around the mountain. Landscape changes every 10 minutes. You never know which mountain will show itself today. Myst, more myst, even on the sunny day, gives my a lot of inspiration, as it is my favorite weather condition, I like the way reality changes, borders are washing away.

I work in the studio almost every day, except my travel days. I paint landscapes that I see from my windows and sometimes I base my works on the photographs I snapped while walking around the city. We must use special large boards, painted white, they are big enough to fit a sheet of paper 90″ x 52″ (one of my standard sizes). I have painted already one work that big, it is a view of inner part of the castle.

This painting in progress is a rainy view of Salzburg. You may notice the castle disappearing in darkness and rain on the top of the painting.


Here you can see my studio and the painting of a landscape I started yesterday. Can you smell the fresh Alps air from your side of the monitor after looking at this photograph?


On the October 19th, 2012 an art show of our works that we produce during the stay will be opening for one month (till November 17th) at the gallery, you are all invited to come:

Neuhauser Kunstmühle
Mühlstraße 5a | 5023 Salzburg, Austria
Tel. +43 (0) 662 649050; email:

If you read German, please take a look at the article written about our residency by online paper Dreh Punkt Kultur : Neue Blicke auf die Stadt – nicht nur von oben

Wonderful time, wonderful people and never ending memories…

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