Paul Ching-Bor amazing performance


There are not many artists in the world that steal your heart. Paul is one of them. His impressive works and his kind personality make me want to follow him around the world and not to miss even one show. I was very lucky to be able to come to see this recent show that opened on 27th of September 2012 in Germany and was organized at Kunsträume in Frankfurt. Seven hours of traveling one direction from Salzburg to see the exhibition that has payed for my time fully!

There were 8 artists presented, from painters and photographers to sculptors and performars: Christine Schäfer, Takako Nakamura, Bruno Griesel, Ornella Fieres, Gabriele V. Lutzau, Rainer Raczinski, Susanne Schäfer and Paul Ching-Bor.
Paul’s media is best described as water media, he works in mainly large scale on rough watercolor paper. Dramatic structures of the bridges and highways, intense light and bold shadow, distorted by weather reality, are most common subjects for his works. Freedom of brushstrokes, limited color palette and extreme contrast make his paintings strong and unforgettable. Paul’s work is an inspiration for me, Paul’s wise advises are a guide of my professional life.

Please enjoy this virtual show and if you have a chance to visit this show in person, then you will also give your heart to Paul, guaranteed!

Vernissage am Donnerstag, Guiollettstrasse 54, 60325 Frankfurt um Main


Paul Ching-Bor

“Parallel Passage 1+9 North V”
2008, Watercolor on Arches paper 640 g
241 x 393 cm/3

Paul Ching-Bor
Memorial 9/11 NY



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