New Views of Salzburg

New Views of Salzburg.
This current show, October 19 – November 17, 2012, is an exhibition of 6 artists.

On this picture you can see our artists from left to right:

Mr. Topic (curator and organizer of our residency and the show), PATRICIJA GILYTE, JÜRGEN DURNER, KATHARINA SIEGEL, EKATERINA SMIRNOVA (that’s me), HAE-RYUN JEONG, ALEXANDRA MEDILANSKY

This show was organized by Neuhauser Kunstmühleafter after our 6 weeks-long art residency  in Salzburg, Austria. Our studios were on top on the mountain in the center of the city at the Hohensalzburg castle. See my space bellow:

I was absolutely charmed with the views from my window and painted mainly landscapes: night views of mountains and the city with million lights or the misty valleys with fresh green fields and little village houses…

At the last 2 days of our residency I saw snow that covered surrounding us mountains, I did not want to paint anything else but that snow. There are a lot of sketches I did then, which were also presented at the show and were displayed on grand royal.

The exhibition space is very unique, it used to be an old mill, which explains the name of the gallery, Neuhauser Kunstmühle (German – kunst – art; mühle – mill). You can see some decoration details (around the door), that were found during the building reconstruction. At this moment this building contains not only the gallery space, but an amazing printmaking studio, with few large prints for book publishing.

At the beginning of the show each of the artists gave a little speech, describing the idea behind their works, explaining the media and the reason why we applied for this art residency. I think our artists are all fascinating masters, they produces strong work, presenting their ideas on views of Salzburg (which was the subject of the residency). Jürgan and Alexandra worked with oil, Katharina – with drawing, Hae-Ryun and I – with watercolor, Patricija – with unusual 3D media of sugar cubes.

If you have a chance, please visit our show and you will not be disappointed.

Neuhauser Kunstmühle
Mühlstraße 5a | 5023 Salzburg, Austria
Tel. +43 (0) 662 649050; email:


5 thoughts on “New Views of Salzburg

  1. Ekat, I’d straight up like to marry you! I love your art, your mannerisms, your voice, everything about you.

    Stunned and Amazed.

    – deeps6x

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