Solo show at The Novosibirsk City Center of the Visual Arts

Solo show at The Novosibirsk Center of the Visual Arts

Opening reception speeches

Last week has been a very special week for me, I have opened my solo show for the first time in my home town Novosibirsk, Russia. The Novosibirsk City Center of the Visual Arts (Новосибирский Городской Центр Изобразительных Искусств, ГЦИИ) has invited me to exhibit at their spacious and light rooms. As any other exhibiting artists I have applied for the show by sending a proposal and samples of my paintings.

The theme of the show is “Landscapes of the world in Large Formats”. I have prepared a set of watercolors sized from 52″x40″ to 90″x102″. It is very unusual to see so large watercolors in Russia, so I have shown large paintings. All presented works are views to different cities in Europe and America from the high points, tops of the buildings, mountains or an airplane flights.

During the show that will last till February 3, 2013, I will be holding 2 different lectures-demonstrations. Yesterday I have held a demo on watercolor where I have introduced an audience to my painting techniques, varieties of watercolor paper and paint.

The second lecture will be on Business of an Artist. I will be teaching Novosibirsk artists how to position themselves in the modern art world, how to make a website, PR specialties, applying for international art competitions and many more…

I am so happy to introduce myself as an artist to my friends and family here in Novosibirsk. It was wonderful to see dear faces I know from long ago and meet new people at the opening reception. I wish you would be able to see this show. In a mean while please have a look at the pictures.

Some of Novosibirsk artists has told me that there is not enough international exhibitions in the city, I would like to encourage you, artists, to apply for the show in Novosibirsk. Please write to МБУ “ГЦИИ” with

1. 10-15 images of our works
2. Bio, List of previous shows, education, technique of your works (CV)
3. Info about the show that you are planning on having there, Name, Description.


3 thoughts on “Solo show at The Novosibirsk City Center of the Visual Arts

  1. It looks like you and your paintings are a big hit. Congratulations!

    Madeline Langbaum Inter//Pro//Realty 2209 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, Fa 33020 Ofc (954)923-5405 Cell (305)720-0278 Fax (954)923-54090

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  2. Dear Ekaterina,
    I am reading your blog here in Sydney, Australia, so far away from your event in Russia, and so close to you when I look into your pieces, your presents there — we do the same medium ” work on paper “, and we practice our ” artist’s life”… very proud of you!! As your work looks promising, you look very elegant. I am looking forward to catching up with you in the near future. Be well.


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