Atmosphere. Solo show in Barcelona. April 26 – May 26, 2013


Atmosphere, Solo show of Ekaterina Smirnova

Villa del Arte Galleries
Barcelona Art galleries S.L, Calle Tapineria, 39, 08002, Barcelona
PHONE: (34) 93-268.06.73

26th April – 26th May 2013

Exhibition Atmosphere by Ekaterina Smirnova

Water, mist, watercolor about atmosphere… In a rainy day of April 26 Villa del Arte Gallery has opened my solo show in the center of Barcelona. 18 recent works of watercolor are wonderfully displayed for public view at the unique gallery space, which is a part of the Barcelona’s Cathedral. Works that I have selected are meant to say a story of two cities, New York (my home base city) and Barcelona. At the show you can find open landscapes as well as architectural details close up, urban or natural scenery. But most importantly the atmosphere of early morning or late night.


I am very happy to be showing in Barcelona, this beautiful and artistic city. At the opening I was able to meet very international guests, not only the invited by also people who passed by the gallery and decide to come in. Talented representatives of the gallery were kind to help me communicate with guests on French, Italian or German. Overall an absolutely wonderful and friendly atmosphere was created during the opening. Champagne and fresh oysters has complimented the evening.

I am working with Villa del Arte Galleries for over 2 years during which my works were shown many times around the world, in London, New York, Miami, San Fran, Hong Kong and many more. I was glad to meet the crew of Villa, people who were so professional helping to arrange the show, framing and hanging my large works, designing the catalogue, posters and cards… Thank you Villa for organizing this show!

Ekaterina Smirnova

barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_5 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_6 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_7 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_8 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_9 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_10 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_11 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_12 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_13

A very special guest, my mother, has come for the opening from Russia!

barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_14 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_15 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_16 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_17 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_18 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_19 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_20 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_21 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_22 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_23 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_24 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_25

I love rain, I think it was a nice point at the opening, as it works so well with my paintings.

barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_26 barcelona_opening_ekaterina_smirnova_4.2013_27


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