Portrait of an old man

Portrait of an old man

There was this guy from Pakistan, maybe a husband of an old lady, who is perhaps the owner of the tiny cute tea house I went today. He saw me painting and asked me to paint his portrait next. I said ok. I am not a portraitist, but his face was much more interesting then anything else around. He was posing poorly, every time grinning when someone is looking at my sketch and then at him. He was exposing his random teeth and deep wrinkles would appear all over the face. It was hard to keep him from smiling, but since I started painting his drama face at the beginning, I had to wait for him to stop smiling every time. He saw so happy with the portrait, and kept on pointing to little details. I could not really understand his spanish but the happiness was so obvious that I had to just give my sketch to him at the end. I took the picture though. I will remember this kind old man. I hope I will meet him again at that my new favorite place in Barcelona, called Salterio.

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