Art of music in Barcelona

Eileen and I

Living a life of an owl, party till late night, waking up in the mid day, music late again… has become a custom for me for the last week since my friend from Ireland, a wonderful musician and artist Eileen Healy came to Barcelona. With Eileen there is always a lot of good music and great fun.

In this post I’d like to try myself as a DJ and give you a taste of music in Barcelona!

Here is a tip: Music in Barcelona usually starts at 10 pm, make sure you have a coffee late to stay up longer.

My first pick is Harlem Jazz Bar, located at Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8 (Barri Gotic). They have music every night, we went there 3 nights in the row. For the small cover of 6 to 6.5 euros (sometimes a drink included in this price) you can get a lot of great music. My first night was Blues Jam Session.

Buona Sera Signorina. This recording really brings you virtually to the club apmosphere in the beginning of May in Barcelona. Listen to the whole thing, it gets funny when musicians just forget to do what they need to be doing. And “Viva la Musica!”

Second stop is at the tiny place called Pastis, named just like that French drink.


photo-2 Samuel Arderiu at Pastis

No more then 20 people will probably fit there, but they will be the lucky 20. The bar is run by an old funny guy with a very deep voice (you may hear him in my recordings), he would only speak Spanish to you, or if you don’t know Spanish he would try Catalan on you (which is even more impossible to understand). That night Pastis had a two people band called Samuel Arderiu. It looked like that they were a son and his father. The son has a lovely clear voice and plays guitar and the father plays guitar as well as other instruments, like flute and irish drum.

Manu Chao song by Samuel Arderiu:


Day 3, back to Harlem for flamenco with a modern twist by an impressive band called Inquithalma. So rich sound, so complex melody, so rhythmical and full of spanish spirit!

When I was already on my way home, I passed by a club, and the sound of music that was coming from inside dragged me in. It was lounge/house music. When I went in I saw an open space in the middle of this club where 3 DJs were spinning the turntable vinyls, twisting the knobs and pushing buttons on various devices and making music for chilling around people. I ended up staying there for another 2 hours, listening to the music, dancing… The name of the place is Soda Bar, Carrer d’Avinyó, 24, 08002 Barcelona, Spain.

It got even better when the guy with a saxophone showed up and joined the groove…

Soda bar groove

Soda Bar


Another night at Pastis offered great Blues! Again two people band (no more musicians can fit on the “stage”), was genius! This band is called Bandini Agu,  you can find them on FaceBook.

Bandini Agu


What’s for tonight, Barcelona?


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