Donagh Carey, West Cork artist.

Donagh at work

How fortunate I am to meet so many wonderful people during my trips! My journey to Ireland wasn’t an exception. During my first week in Schull, West Cork, I met an artist Donagh Carey, we were invited for dinner at his house. Donagh is an amazing cook, he puts his soul and creativity into his dishes. We all had such a good time at Donagh’s house. I feel a little bad though for stealing the host from his guests… Donagh and I  got sucked into a fascinating conversation about art, it occupied us so much that it was impossible to get out of it. Looking through the impressive art books library we spent hours talking and sharing our experience. Since that evening I saw Donagh almost every day, we lived close and visited each other often.


Donagh has earned an art degree over four years on local Sherkin Island that is run by the Dublin Institute of Technology, this course, with it’s full time lecturers, I am told is the first of it’s kind in the world. Donagh is a great painter. Working with oil on canvas and board he puts a deep meaning into his art. He was very kind to let me in his studio and allowed me to share his art with you, my readers.


Donagh has turned the whole house into a studio, you can find paintings in every room, art supplies are here and there. Even kitchen got involved! During my visit of Ireland we had very sunny and warm days and he was setting up a different studio outside of the house so he can enjoy the beautiful view and the fresh air. Sadly one stormy day tore it apart…


Living next to the sea, watching tides go up and down, enjoying an approaching storm, noticing subtle color change of the water has inspired Donagh to paint a set of sea-scapes. The very textured and sophisticated style of painting that he practices works wonderfully in my opinion while paintings rough waters.



When Donagh went to an artists retreat, Cill Railiag in Kerry, he studied about the UNESCO World Heritage site Skellig Michael, which is located close to the residency. Many of Donagh’s works are based on this fascinating place, that is so hard to reach and study. This island has a hidden monastery, to get to it is not easy at all, you have to use old stairs made out of rocks that climb up from the water level to the top of the island. A very dangerous path. Many people died from slipping on the stairs and crashing onto the sharp rock of the island. The struggle of monks is captured in Donagh’s works.  

Skellig Michael

Donagh Casey

donagh_carey_4 donagh_carey_1 donagh_carey_13

Sherkin Abbey 2In order for exhibiting paintings outdoor in two ancient ruined Abbeys, Donagh had to “weather” his large works. Remember that climate in Ireland is very moist and rainy, if you don’t prepare works for such weather, you may end up loosing your artworks.

My multi-talented friend also mixing his paint himself, that allows oil to dry very quickly. He even came up with his own set of paints, called Crew Bay.

home made paints donagh_carey_7

I was very happy to trade my painting for Donagh’s artwork at the end of my stay in West Cork. I am proud to know such a nice and talented person like Donagh Carey. Remember this name, you will hear it again.


If you would like to contact Donagh, please write to his email:


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