Visiting Catskills. David Turan.

David Turan and Ekaterina Smirnova

This August 2013 I was very happy to visit my dear friends David Turan and Kelly Keck in Catskills, Upstate NY. A cabin where I was painting is located at the moment on David’s land, and is a part of the Sprout Society art residency. The idea is that this mobile cabin would travel to different farms and would have artists who would like to create works with nature or inspired by it. David and Kelly have a beautiful land, part of which is in “The Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve”. They also have a farm with many goats, geese and bees.

When I got to the land, I wanted to do nothing but study plants with David, forage and watch insects and birds. But when I got to the cabin one evening I was blown away with stunning sunsets… Cabin is sitting on the high point of the meadow on Churchill Mountain, the views that are opening from there are stunning! You see the meadow, the forest, the mountain, little houses of Stamford and a lot of sky.


At the moment this cabin has no electricity (there is a solar panel to be placed soon though), so at the end of the day I had to move my paintings outside and pin them to the outer East wall for the better light, continue working there. The water that I used was the rain water, my lunch was of sweet blackberries and wild apples that I could find right outside of my door, the wind was drying my paintings.

catskills_4 catskills_5 catskills_3

As David said: “But then there is the place. The moment. The light, the green…!! The “studio”. The sky and the bleating goats. Where the fields meet the mountains with the sky’s embrace. The heart of the love of the paint reflecting the promise that is painted for us… I am blessed to call it home.”

Both works “Green Sunset 1” and “Green Sunset 2” are dedicated to David, the kindest person I know. He loves nature, he takes care of it and enjoys every moment on his wonderful land. Thank you David for calling my your friend and hosting me this August.

catskills_6 catskills_1 catskills_7

2 thoughts on “Visiting Catskills. David Turan.

  1. What an outstanding experience. The spontaneity of the paintings is refreshing.
    What a magnificent environment to find inspiration.

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