Lower East Side Galleries, New York

Mulherin + Pollard
Mulherin + Pollard

So, what is a Lower East Side Gallery? After hearing so much about the area, my friend and I have decided to explore it this week. Starting from the Grand Street Subway station, middle of China town NY,  we went to the cross of Orchard Street and Grand street. After a lovely lunch in one of the cute cafes in the area we went to our tour. Orchard Street has the most galleries, so we went down and then up, following the gallery guide map that we collected at the first gallery, but you could download such map from: http://www.lowereastsideny.com/explore/publications/

Map from www.lowereastsideny.com

I must say that during the summer nearly half of the galleries were closed, but the ones that we entered have presented a high quality art from around the world spanning form paintings and installations to video and interactive work.

To our experience not every gallery were as polite and nice as for example Shin Gallery or Mulherin + Pollard. These two galleries met us with a greeting and were kind to tell us about the artists and help us navigate through the area. Some galleries met us with an ice cold look and could not even say the name of the artist on view. From my perspective of an artist I would like to say that I would not want to work with such galleries, even if I would to collect 100% from the sale.

Shin Gallery
Shin Gallery

Please see bellow few images from the Shin Gallery: works by Seung Hee Lee (ceramics), Hyon Gyon Park (large abstract made by textile melting) and Seungpyo Hong (painted abstracts).

We have found great large spaces, 1 or 2 floor galleries and tiny ones. I could say that Lower East Side is now as important as Chelsea. Except that Lower East Side make your trip more pleasant, by providing cafes, restaurants and bars on the way, where in Chelsea it is impossible to find a bottle of water!

One of the most interesting artworks I found was an interactive piece by Ujino, “The District of Plywood City” 2011, at the Stephan Stoyanov Gallery. It was designed of musical instruments and house wear, each of the objects would create its own sound, composing a sophisticated rhythmical melody.

Ujino "The district of Plywood City"
Ujino “The district of Plywood City”

There is so much to see, so much to discover new… Now I have my new destination in NY! I recommend to visit the area in September, Lower East Side is getting ready for it every day.

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