Art in Tokyo

During my short stay in Tokyo I went to see art.
In this post I will be giving a description of the places that I have visited.

1. Tokyo Station Gallery.
Art portfolio of fishes by Bakufu Ohno.
An amazing set of woodcut prints illustrating fish around Japan. Works are so profound that starting your art tour from this gallery really sets the bar of Japanese art very high and gives you an idea of what patience, precision and time really mean in art.

2. Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum.
Floating World from the Saito Collection.
Impressive woodcut Yokohama-e prints focused on the scenes of Japan’s opening to the West, with images of gas street lamps, Western-style buildings, railroads, and beauties in Western dress just some of the new things depicted.  And Kobayashi Kiyochika series of famous sites prints in Tokyo in 1876 (Meiji 9) who created the style of “light prints” for their depiction of the subtle changes in light and shadow.

Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 11.18.31 AM

3. Ginza region.

Just like Chelsea in NY, Ginza area in Tokyo is famous for it’s galleries. I spent few hours walking around and just saw a little part of it. Note: some galleries are by appointment only and some have a fee $5-10.

Here is a map which I found useful, I asked for it at one gallery. It is in Japanese, but you can find any gallery following it.



Gallery Seiho, art by Minagawa Yoshirio
Gallery Seiho, art by Minagawa Yoshirio

Clay works by Minagawa Yoshirio is backed in a very special way, not in the oven, but self-made way by placing wood and hey over the pieces and burning it all on the ground.

Art of Tsue Michiko
Art of Tsue Michiko
Art of Tsue Michiko
Art of Tsue Michiko

Tsue Michiko is working with pigment paints and has very complex and attractive works in my opinion. I met her in person. It is very often to find an artist him/herself at the gallery.

Ceramic Art Kurodatouen
Ceramic Art Kurodatouen

I very much enjoyed Ceramic works at the gallery
I was not allowed to take pictures, which is a common rule for most of the galleries/museums, but talked to the artist Yamata Hiroshi who was very kind to tell me a little about his works.

Before going to the galleries I recommend you to check the calendar of events:

Tokyo Art Map: TAM32

There are many places to see in Tokyo, art scenery is very reach and various. Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT), The National Art Center, The Bumkamura Museum of Art and many more… Time is always limited, but in Japan which ever place you will choose to see, you will not be disappointed.

p.s. don’t forget about your umbrella (every place has a special lock for the umbrellas, don’t walk away with the key when you are leaving). I had to send mine back in the envelope.

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