NYC Resistor

Recently I have discovered this awesome group of creative people called NYC Resistor. I needed some help with my latest art projects, that includes electronics and Arduino based technology, so NYC Resistor was the perfect place for me to go.

Located in Brooklyn, not far away from Atlantic-Passific subway station, Resistors occupy quite a spacious place to fit all of their wires, transistors, and million other things, even laser (by the way, you can take classes on laser art every week).

I love the community of this place. People are working on different projects, inventing things, designing complex lighting and getting ready for the Interactive show, that is coming up on June 7th, 2014. I hope I can also be able to show my piece then. The nicest thing about the community is that everybody is open and helpful. You study from each other while listening lounge – chill out music ( my favorite!).

Check out The lessons at NYC Resistor:

photo 2-2
What does a working table at NYC Resistor looks like.

photo 3-3
photo 1-4 photo 2 photo 5-2 photo 4 photo 3-2 photo 1-3 photo

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