“Revolutionary painting techniques” workshop by Ekaterina Smirnova

workshop by Ekaterina Smirnova

Dates: 9 am -12 noon on September 3 – 5, 2014
Location: Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson St. Gloucester, MA
(the beautiful part of the old port city Gloucester – Rocky Neck (the oldest art colony in America), MA.)
Fee: $200 per person ($150 for Rocky Neck Colony members)

Limited to only 10 people! Reserve your spot ASAP: k.a.smirnova @ gmail.com

The workshop will give you an opportunity to adjust the way you paint by trying exciting new approaches and discovering valuable new techniques.

Goal: to improve your painting by experimenting with familiar media, while breaking through traditional norms and loosening your style.

We will use water media for this course.

Bring your:
– watercolor/ acrylic / gouache and other water based media
– rough brushes, palette knifes, sandpaper, mist bottles, sponges, hair drier or any other tools that might be used to create texture on paper, e.g., packing materials, tooth brushes, old socks
– various paper (preferably larger sizes) and clips to attach it to the boards

3 thoughts on ““Revolutionary painting techniques” workshop by Ekaterina Smirnova

  1. I am very interested in learning new ways to approach my work in water media. What is the cost? When do we begin?
    I really like your work. I especially find an allure in the recent Carl Sagan styled astronomical works.

    1. Dear Conrad,
      I have updated info on this workshop.
      Dates: 9 am-12 noon on June 26, 27, 28, 2014
      Fee: $200 per person ($150 for Rocky Neck Colony members)

      I hope to see you there. Let me know if you would like to register.

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