Being an Artist.

I know many people who think that being an artist is the easiest thing that can happen to you. They would consider you to be spoiled by life. What can I say, artists live their life the way most people don’t:
– they don’t have a boss;
– they have a free schedule;
– they wake up at around noon;
– they drink wine and go to the art openings weekly;
– they often seem to have a lot of free time and don’t work;
– they have unstable psychological personality, which helps them often to not be punished for their behavior;
– they get to do what they like…

There are many more points to this list. These points make artists to be hated by many people. Envy is a strong feeling. What escapes most peoples attention is that for the same reasons artists:

– are often poor, as all the money goes towards art supplies;
– extremely sensitive, especially about their artworks;
– constantly in their thoughts (often developing new ideas), which causes them being lost in real life situations;
– psychological instability effects their mental health;
– they often experience a torture looking at terribly done artworks and yet shown in a museum;
– they often hate themselves for creating something that did not match their standard/idea as envisioned;
– experience a trauma from working with a gallery ( that normally collects 50% of income);
– always in need for money for a frame;
– just few of artists are lucky to have a studio space;
– always in need for your attention and support …

I am not trying to cry here. And yes, most of the lines written in this article do come from my personal experience. I would just like to ask for your patience if you read this far. Artists are the same people, just build a little differently. They have committed their lives to art and they all realize that they are probably not ever going to get rich. But this world of color and ideas is a much stronger magnet then wealth. After all, we all rely on artists, they not only make our world pretty, but also help the future by generating creative unreal ideas that later with a help of scientists become our reality. Please support and encourage creative minds. Become an artist yourself.

One thought on “Being an Artist.

  1. Katerina – you make some very good points with regard to what it means to be an artist. There certainly can be some advantages, if one attains some measure of success, but mostly it’s a life of hard work, uncertainty, and sacrifice. An artist works alone, usually in complete anonymity, wondering if what he is doing means anything to anyone, or if anyone cares at all. Many people view artists a lazy moochers living off the good will and charity of others, but most artists I know work at low-paying jobs in order to support themselves while pursuing their art work on the side – and that’s mostly what art making is – work.

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