Art on paper, New York fair 2015. Review.

Art on paper
Art on paper

As an artist working on paper I got very excited when have heard about “Art on Paper” fair in New York, that coincided with the Armory Fair. I had to go. It felt good that art on paper is finally appreciated and is offered its own space in the art world.
But how disappointed I was when I got to the fair. Hoping to see strong paintings on paper, I found a craft fair instead. Miniature pieces of all the possible colors, lots of cutouts, including cutouts of books (is was not new to me anymore and therefor lost my interest). I expected photography, and to my surprise I have considered this medium to be the strongest in the fair. Especially I want to underline the artworks by Lauren Semivan, represented by Benrubi Gallery:


and works by Adam Katseff represented by Sasha Wolf Gallery.


These works was bold and eye catchy. Presentation of those works in the booth was also best, just one artist and a works of the same series (in the contrary of the confetti of the works in most of the fair). Congrats to those two galleries. Makes me want to work with them, too bad they are focusing on photography specifically.

Overall it felt like galleries were not ready for this fair and had to pull out all the possible works on paper that they have in the storage. One gallery even showed oil on canvas and acrylic on panel! Embarrassing. I was surprised that I did not see much of printmaking at all. It could have enhanced the fair in my opinion.

I just hope that this was not a one time idea and that next year we will see a much better selected works on paper.

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