Vaccination for India

As a part of planning your trip to India, you should seriously consider having vaccinations done. Here is a list of recommended vaccines:

Yellow Fever is a must!
Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid – recommended
Japanese Encephalitis, Polio, Rabies – optional
Malaria – recommended

Search for Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinics (not every doctor carry Yellow Fever Vaccines) at Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Usually medical insurance would not cover your traveling vaccines, but they do cover Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B if you did not have it done yet. Hepatitis B is a 3 time shot with some time in between (it is ok to have your 1st shot before the trip).

Malaria pills you will need to start taking 3 days before the trip, then every day during and a week after. Your doctor will be able to give you prescription for it.

Other drugs to take:
– take your regular drugs it you take any (make sure they are all in special cases).
– Pain relief: like Aleve, Aspirin
– Digestion drugs: Imodium, Tums, Acid reduser, electrolytes powder/ hydration powder (to be diluted in a bottled water).

!Drink only bottled water in India! No iced drinks, no salads, no fruits. 


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