New York spring blizzard, March 2017

New York under snow offers a unique experience. New Yorkers try to stay home or go to the Central Park for cross-country skiing, tourists – fill up their cell phones with selfies. Roads are covered with slushy white that turns blue (for some reason Windex is used  to melt snow, but it doesn’t seem to work) and then turns grey. Trash bags keep on piling up for days of the side of the road, but the trash truck will not be able to get to them for at least a week, cause people can not move their cars, snow will not melt for a while.

Good or bad, snow still makes any place more beautiful then ever and everyone is happy, even for a very short moment till you get your shoes wet trying to cross an intersection.

This year snow came unexpectedly, in the middle of March. I would not make a mistake by guessing that this was caused by the climate change. Here is a good article about it:

There Is Nothing Normal About the Snowstorm About to Slam the East Coast

Enjoy the photo gallery:


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